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Your situation is unique to you. Dri Pro Restoration provides custom solutions to help you regardless of the size or extent of your fire damage emergency.

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Fire Damage Remediation

The aftermath of a fire can be daunting. Basic needs can seem like impossible chores. Calling Dri Pro Restoration can help get one through what may seem like the worst of times. Knowing the right steps to take can reduce the effects of fire damage and smoke damage before they set and become, permanent.

Our Process

Our team begins with a careful room by room survey and analysis to determine the appropriate cleaning and restoration services. Then we properly clean and deodorize every area, including: carpets, drapes, upholstered furniture, and contents. Limited smoke damage is most often removed quickly on location. In most cases, fire is put out with water, leading to a potential host of new problems. Dri Pro Restoration are experienced in dealing with the additional problems caused by a fire damage, including board up services and smoke damage. Our professionals understand the personal nature of restoring a home or business, and work hard to return items to their original place and condition.

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Dri Pro Difference

Once the fire department responds to a call, they have a responsibility to maintain control until the risk of fire is gone. From the moment the fire department releases your home or business back to you, Dri Pro Restoration can help navigate the entire process. We can help with the immediate steps that may end up preventing future damage and maximizing insurance benefits. Our staff also understands and accommodates the basic commodities that one lacks immediately following the devastation of their home. The sooner a Dri Pro Restoration specialist is on the job, the closer one is to returning to everyday life.

We have been providing restoration and repair services for many years. Many of our customers come from referrals of our past customers. We pride ourselves on our past work. We set ourselves apart with our expert staff. Our team includes trained plumbers, electricians, and carpenters. Our competitors often hire hourly employees with limited training. In the precious first hours after damage has occurred to your home or business leave nothing to chance. Call our direct line right now at 850-581-9262 and we will begin assisting you immediately.

How to prevent further loss in the eventuality that you are experiencing fire damage.

  • Turn off power to the affected rooms. This will prevent electrocution. Don’t worry, we have back-up generators and lighting if needed.
  • If you can, find and stop the source. Turn off the source to the fixture or at the main line coming into the house. If you are unable to stop the source, let us know this when you call us so we can also dispatch a licensed technician. If the damage is coming from a contaminated source, such as sewage lines, leave the area immediately to avoid getting sick.
  • Take immediate action and Call us 24/7 at 1-850-581-9262 and we will be there within minutes. Our average arrival time is 45 minutes, one of the best in the metro area, because every minute counts.
  • Remove precious items that can be damaged such as fragile furniture, books, clothing, paper goods and place them in dry areas. If your walls are getting wet, then remove valuable paintings. Moisture will creep up sheet rock very fast. That is why it is important to call us right now.



Dri Pro Restoration has been the trusted fire damage services provider choice for the Santa Rosa Beach area for over 30 years.

We Do It All!

No matter how big or how small the job, we can help. Trust us with all your Fire Damage and Cleanup needs.

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Prevent further damage to your property by calling 24/7 as soon as disaster strikes. Fire, Soot, Sewage, Flood, we do it all.


How do you decide who will will make your nightmare disappear?

Do you look for fancy websites with flashy pictures and empty promises? Is that how you choose your doctor or lawyer? No, you choose your professional based on experience and proven results.

  • Designated as a master carpet cleaner with over 20 years in the carpet cleaning, flood damage, and water extraction business with literally thousands of successful clean-up jobs.
  • One of a handful of companies certified, fully-licensed, insured and bonded to handle water remediation by the IICRC following the strict guidelines of all insurance companies.
  • Direct billing to your insurance company is available to eliminate out-of-pocket expenses. Therefore, in most cases you never see a bill.
  • Experts in stopping the spread of moisture accumulation in the walls. Again, we use the ONLY technique that works to protect your home from mold and mildew growth caused by major floods and massive moisture build-up.
  • Advanced equipment designed specifically for water and moisture extraction for both home and office clean-up

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